Daily Cloth

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Do you sometimes forget how long the dishcloth has been in use? After 24 hours, it can already contain more than 4 billion bacteria! So a clean one every day is very hygienic, isn't it? The 7 cloths are labelled from Monday to Sunday. So you know for sure that you have a clean and fresh wipe in your kitchen every day! Handy!

Stylish & durable
Do you also find those old-fashioned yellow dishcloths an eyesore in your beautiful kitchen? We've put an end to that, too! The stylish Daily Cloths are made of black microfibre. Made of a nice thick quality, so you can use them again and again and they will keep their colour and quality. 

Hang it up
Hanging up a dishcloth makes it easier for it to dry and for bacteria to develop less quickly. Our Daily Cloth fits perfectly on the Dishcloth Caddy in the sink. In this way, the dishcloth is out of sight and always at hand.

Product details
✔ 7 black dishcloths with label (Monday to Sunday)
✔ Luxury quality microfibre (300gr)
✔ Fast drying
✔ Size: 30x30cm
✔ Wash without fabric softener
✔ Produced in Europe


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