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After placing your order you will receive a confirmation at the specified email address. Once your order has been shipped, you will also receive an email with track & trace to track your order. Are you experiencing problems here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!

Think carefully when purchasing a product online and be responsible when returning it. We want you to always be completely satisfied with your Kitchen Lab Co. product. So if you wish to return or exchange an item, you can do so within 14 days of receipt at your own expense.

Returning an item is only possible when the item:
• is undamaged
• has not been used

Hoe een retour aanvragen?
Om een ​​retourzending te starten, kan je contact met ons opnemen via, onder vermelding van de reden van retourneren of ruilen. Vergeet niet de volgende informatie toe te voegen:

- Your order number
- Your name

You can send the item in the original packaging to the following address:

Kitchen Lab Co.
Weerdsingel O.Z. 68j
3514 AG Utrecht

The 3M adhesive strip has been specially developed for these types of applications and should not come off. However, it may occasionally happen that the adhesive strip comes loose, even though you may have followed all the steps carefully. Tape seems like a simple thing, but it is a delicate product.

The exact reason for this is often difficult to determine, but there is a possibility that there may be something on the (new) sink that prevents optimal adhesion of the adhesive strip. It could also just be bad luck that it got loose. In these cases we have regularly experienced that the Caddy remains in place when reattached with our extra tips.

We recommend that you first clean the stainless steel sink thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and a soft sponge and then degrease it with some acetone (nail polish remover). This does not harm the stainless steel, but does ensure that stubborn dirt and grease dissolve. This also allows you to easily remove the old adhesive strip (just soak it for a while) or any remaining adhesive residue. Be careful with the black Dishcloth Caddy and acetone. Contact with this for too long can damage the powder coating.

Because we do not do the mounting and we also have no control over the quality of the sink, we unfortunately cannot give a guarantee on the adhesive strip. The packaging contains a spare adhesive strip as standard, in case the Caddy unexpectedly comes loose, or if you want to use it again in a different sink. If you no longer have this, you can purchase an additional mounting set in our shop. You will then receive 2 adhesive strips and primer wipes. 

Of course! The holder is secure, but if you grab it firmly and gently pry it up and down, it will come loose. You can easily remove the leftover tape with a cotton pad dipped in acetone or sticker remover. No traces will be left in the sink. You can stick the spare adhesive strip that is included on the Dishcloth Caddy™ after degreasing and reattach it in the sink after 72 hours. 

The magnet system of the Dishcloth Caddy is specially made and powerful enough to hang a wet cloth. 

It is important to know that the magnet system only has optimal power with a stainless steel sink. With sinks made of other materials, the power of the magnet can be weakened. If you indeed have a stainless steel sink, check how the counter magnet is attached. This must be attached to the outside of the sink, with the side that has the 3M adhesive strip facing in, so that that side sits against the sink and can make contact with the magnet on the Dishcloth Caddy. The system clamps the sink, as it were, between the 2 magnets and only in this way are the poles at their strongest.