It may happen that you run into a problem with one of our products. Don't worry, below we have already answered a number of possible questions for you. Is your question not covered here? Just contact us, we are happy to help!

  • Can I easily remove the Towel Caddy™ from the sink?
    Yes you can! The holder is firmly attached, but if you grip it firmly and gently wriggle it up and down, it will come loose. The leftover tape can be removed by pushing against it with your fingers, or with a cotton pad soaked in acetone or stick remover. No traces will be left behind in the sink. The spare adhesive strip included in the package can be attached to the Dishcloth Caddy™ after degreasing and reattached to the sink after 72 hours.
  • My Dishcloth Caddy™ has come loose from the sink, what now?
    What a bummer! This is not the intention, of course. The 3M adhesive strip has been specially developed for this type of application and should not come off. However, it is possible that the adhesive strip comes loose, even though you may have followed all the steps carefully. Tape may seem simple, but it is a delicate product. There can therefore be various reasons why the adhesive strip has not adhered properly.

    Please always contact us, so that we can solve the problem together. We will gladly send you a new adhesive strip and give you additional advice on fastening.

  • Which airfryers does the airfryer accessory set XL fit into? 
    The XL tool kit fits all models with a basket at least 20.5 cm wide and long. Below we have listed the most common airfryers. Is your model not listed? Measure your basket. Is it 20.5 cm or bigger? Then it will fit.
    • Philips: All XL and XXL models. Note: does not fit model Viva.
    • Princess: all models 4.5L and larger. Note: does not fit Aerofryer XL 182020 and 182021.
    • Tefal: all models from 4.2L upwards.
    • Tristar: all models from 3.5L upwards. Attention: does not fit in the FR-6990.

  • In which airfryers does the XXL hot air fryer fit? 
    The XXL tool kit is suitable for hot air fryers with a basket at least 23 cm wide and long, such as all Tefal Easy Fry XXL and Princess Digital Family Aerofryer models. Unfortunately, it does not fit the Philips XXL Airfryer. The square Philips basket is slightly too narrow for our round baking trays. We therefore recommend our XL set for this.