Our story

Kitchen Lab Co. is a young company and is still at the beginning of a beautiful adventure. The brand was born in 2020 at the kitchen table of owner Karline Scheer. Based on her love of interior styling, she decided to develop kitchen items that would be a stylish addition to the kitchen.

Nowadays, the kitchen is often the centre of the household, where we come together to cook, eat and (especially since 2020) work. We read the morning paper with a good cup of coffee and invite friends over for a drink.

The kitchen is no longer just functional, it has become an extension of the living room. So we like to furnish the kitchen just like we do the living room; with beautiful items.

Items that make you think "Gee, that's handy!". Like our Dishcloth Caddy and the matching Daily Cloths, for example. They are functional, that's for sure. But also durable, of good quality and with a contemporary design. 

We like to keep our production as close as possible. Thus, part of our collection is produced with great care and attention in the Netherlands and finished by hand by our "men of steel".


These men are distanced from the labour market, but are real specialists when it comes to metalworking. This enables us to manufacture unique and high-quality products in a sustainable manner, with a guarantee of the best quality. 

Our mission, besides creating more fun in the kitchen, is to make as many people as possible more aware of their lifestyle in a casual way. We want to inspire you to take better care of yourself and of this planet. And that's easier than you might think!  

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